I currently own hundreds of CDs. It’s my personal collection and, sadly, need to perform a full clean-up on my stuff and sell them to anyone interested.

Also have dozens of DVD movies and dozens of DAT (Digital Audio Tapes). Everything’s cataloged and for sell.

Note, please, that everything I am posting here to sell is an original item, in mint condition. There are no bootlegs or CDRs among the collection.

The CDs are from different genders and they are mainly of international music and Brazilian music.

Despite the tag names and recent posts displaying in the right side column of the HOME page, you can always use the search feature to find the content you are looking for. If you get no results for your search, please contact me. I may have the CD you want. Perhaps it’s not posted yet.

I’m not associated to any music store. The items are part of my private collection and they will be removed from this blog as they are sold, as I own just single units of all the items advertised here.

The prices are pretty reasonable as some of the items are even rare in some cases. But in case you want to ask for more details about any CD, please use the form below and drop me an inquiry. For deliveries by post, discounts, etc. Make sure you will use a real email address to get an answer. Thank you.

I’m based in Poznan, Poland, and can meet you face to face if you live in Poznan area. For deliveries outside Poland, please drop me a message and let’s talk.

Para quem desejar mais informacoes sobre os CDs que estao a venda neste blog, por favor mande-me uma mensagem atraves do formulario acima. Escreva um endereco de email valido, para receber resposta. Obrigado.


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